Long eared bunny

I have a long eared bunny as evil as can be.

He likes to hide in the shadows just to jump out and frighten me.

I have a long eared bunny as evil as can be.

He likes to jump out from under the bed just to hear me scream.

I have a long eared bunny as evil as can be.

He loves to follow me just to give me the creeps.

I have a long eared bunny he’s not as evil as he seems.

He gets lonley and afraid whenever I do leave and when I return he always has a great big warm hug ready just for me.

The spider 🕷️

Jack and Bill had to look after Jill upon a hot summers day. Mum and dad had to go out of town for a business trip they say.

The day started off good, all was going well. Then the boys head Jill give out a huge yell. Their hearts started to pace, with worried looks upon their faces, they did not hesitate. The boys ran to Jill as fast as they could. Stopping in their tracks, Jack pulled Jill back as Bill grabbed a big bat and smacked the spider in the eyes. The spider was huge the bugger was big and all he wanted was to use the kitchen sink. Feeling sorry for the misunderstanding, the boys walked the spider back to where it had landed. Up up and away it went and none of them spoke of it again.


Im not a plant to be terraformed, get out of here before the crack of dawn.

You can hear the thunder as it roars, a storm is coming and it’s prepared for war.

The rain is like acid and the lightning flashes are so accurate, you can guarantee your a gonna before it hits.

Within the darkness there’s a red glow, what is peeping is hell on a roll.

So run little being, don’t be slow because this little planet refuses to be terraformed.

Peace and harmony

Out in the fields where green
grass grows,
wild rabbits hop and clear
streams flow.
Rainbows coulor the sky,
butterflies flutter and beautiful
birds fly on by.
There’s peace,
there’s harmony,
there’s freedom about.
In a vibrent place where all hearts
are equal no matter how they look
and minds so intelligent,
they don’t hate at all.
I sit under a tree and
admire the scene,
afraid to wake to find this a dream.


Dark clouds fill the sky upon a summer’s afternoon.

The strong smell of rain replaces the stale air making it fresh and new.

Thunder crashes causing the ground to vibrate.

Lightning flashes as it lights up the whole sky by fate.

The wind start’s to blow as wild, as wild can be.

Soon the rain begins to fall getting stronger as it floods the roads with ease.

A wondrous sight of mother nature’s delight, I can only hope it’ll last throughout the night.

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