Peace and harmony

Out in the fields where green
grass grows,
wild rabbits hop and clear
streams flow.
Rainbows coulor the sky,
butterflies flutter and beautiful
birds fly on by.
There’s peace,
there’s harmony,
there’s freedom about.
In a vibrent place where all hearts
are equal no matter how they look
and minds so intelligent,
they don’t hate at all.
I sit under a tree and
admire the scene,
afraid to wake to find this a dream.

Mr lighthouse

Mr lighthouse
come shine your light bright.

There’s fog about
and it’s as thick as the night.

Mr lighthouse
come shine your light strong.

Let your light be a guide
leading the way home.

Standing tall
with your light shining out,
your never alone
knowing your friends are about.


Dark clouds fill the sky upon a summer’s afternoon.

The strong smell of rain replaces the stale air making it fresh and new.

Thunder crashes causing the ground to vibrate.

Lightning flashes as it lights up the whole sky by fate.

The wind start’s to blow as wild, as wild can be.

Soon the rain begins to fall getting stronger as it floods the roads with ease.

A wondrous sight of mother nature’s delight, I can only hope it’ll last throughout the night.

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